1. How did you get the idea?

The idea comes from a test called Deathclock that was published in an Italian website named Newsky.it.
Part of that test has been recovered and revisited.
Newsky.it was run by the same guys who created this app (see credits).

2. Why should I try the Game of Death?

Curiosity, fun, jinxing… and also as a sort of self-evaluation of your life style (are you going to live 50 or 100 years?).

3. Should I believe the verdict I get?

Although there are scientific grounds, as the verdict is based on statistical criteria and publicly accessible data, the answer is obviously no.
If you answer all questions with sincerity, you’ll get a “realistic” but not necessarily “real” response.
You may live much longer or much shorter (bless you) than predicted.
You should not take too seriously the verdict you’ll get.
It’s a game.

4. What data do you rely on to calculate the verdict?

Basically the various statistics about human life expectancy and factors that influence it.
For example, women tend to live longer than men; some countries offer better expectations than others; effects of cigarette smoke, improper diets and uncorrect habits have been largely studied and documented in medical literature and demographic statistics.

logo-game of death5. I’m scared of death, I don’t want to use this app!

Of course you don’t have to.
But we suggest you just try it instead of giving a negative opinion because of the theme of the app.
You may find it’s not as scary as you expect.

6. Is it possible to run the app with Apple (iOS) or Windows Phone devices?

Unfortunately at the moment it’s Android only.
You would have to borrow some friend’s Android device; consider that you can have multiple user profiles and verdicts on a single device.